FAA Autonomous Flight Safety Systems


Quality Assurance Standards for Commercial Flight Safety Analysis

My student team and I performed over eighty semi-structured interviews with stakeholders in government and industry to uncover complexities and pitfalls within current regulatory frameworks associated with Autonomous Flight Safety Systems. This required a detailed understanding of technical and sociotechnical aspects of executing space launches with an emphasis on public safety, and culminated in the development of a policy proposal recommending action from the Federal Aviation Administration.

This two-minute video briefly outlines the problem and proposed policy solution devised by my team and I. AFSS Video

Following the conclusion of this work, my interest in understanding the technical feasibility and complexities of automating a complex decisionmaking task has resulted in further academic work. The paper was accepted to the International Astronuatical Congress 2021 and will be presented in Dubai in October.

You can download a copy of the preliminary abstract here.

You can view my student team’s policy proposal and final documentation here.

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station welcomed us for a tour and discussion with leading experts on AFSS.